02 Feb Top 10 Photographs – 2018

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Inspired by Martin Bailey I decided to pick out 10 of my favourite photographs of 2018. These were all taken on Fuji Cameras either Fuji X-T2 or the new Fuji X-T3

Santorini, Greece

Photographs from Santorini feature quite frequently in my top 10 thanks to the photogenic properties of this beautiful Island. I was lucky enough to vacation there for a week in October

Room with a view

I didn’t have to go far for this capture of dusk over the Caldera. This was taken from the balcony of the Hotel room with a cold beer to hand. I like the image for tones and tranquility and the cruise ship anchored outside of the harbour is a typical sight.

Santorini Panorama
Fuji X-T3

Three Bells Sunset

Santorini is famous for its beautiful sunsets and I was able to capture a few during my trip. I like this shot of the three church bells silhouetted by the deep red as the sun is moments from disappearing behind the distant mountains.

Three Bells Sunset
Fuji X-T3 -Santorini, Greece

Curious Cat

There are a large number of stray cats in an around the steps and the alleyways of Santorini. They appear to be in good health and well fed (presumably from the hands of tourists who who dine in the various restaurants in the area!)

I took this shot with the excellent Fuji 55-200mm lens. This is an excellent and comparatively light-weight telephoto lens which makes it ideal for travel….

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