06 Aug Tonedale Mill in Somerset ~ Urbex

Source: Pro Photo Nut

My friend Len and I visited Tonedale Mill in the heart of Somerset earlier today. We wanted to see what is left of this historic set of buildings. The main site is gradually being converted into housing and judging by the interest of the local councillors that we bumped into, some of the best bits this complex might well get preserved.

I took all these photographs using the Fujifilm X100V, it’s a small, fixed lens camera and is ideal for Urbex (Urban exploration). Processing was done in Adobe Lightroom.


Damien Lovegrove

Built on an epic scale, the architect of this mill clearly had a Cathedral in mind when he or she laid out the plans.

It was a Howard Carter moment when we first glanced the treasure within the mill. “Can you see anything?” “Yes, wonderful things”.

Nothing quite prepares

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