03 Feb Tokyo nights with X-Pro2.

Source: Fujifilm Insider

One thing I really love about the X-Pro2 is the exposure latitude this camera gives me.
And with the live histogram it is easy to do night shots.

Fot these images I did expose to the left, to avoid blown highlights. During daytime I mainly use multi mode metering. At night I use average metering and underexpose something like one stop, this is checked via the histogram. This prevents blown highlights. There is so much information in the dark parts of the image which can be pulled up again in postprocessing, it is unbelievable.

Finally a camera that is able to see neon lights at night without getting all gritty dark areas without any tonal gradients. Wonderful. And I really liked Tokyo at night. I will travel there again one day. Hopefully sooner than later. These images are from last October.

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