05 Feb Tokyo and Fujifilm X100F

Source: Fuji Love

I have said before that I believe the X100 series are the perfect street and travel companions. It’s no secret that they produce some of the best quality images in a compact body from any manufacturer and offer a shooting experience that is unmatched by any camera on the market. With the X100V launching and promising to be compatible with my two favourite accessories (the TCL and WCL conversion lenses), I thought it was high time to revisit my love for this series of cameras and share it with you in the form of a few images from Tokyo. I have owned the original X100, two X100S and two X100Fs at this stage. It’s fair to say, I’m an addict. I’ve tried to get off the drug, but it’s a long road to recovery and I’m not sure I even want to get there. While I love walking around town with my X100F and nothing else, it is actually the conversion lenses that really hold me to this little beast. Even now, I make 90% of my images with the in-built 23mm lens. However, for those few times I want something wider or longer, having the almost weightless conversion lenses at […]

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