21 Aug Tokina SZX 400mm F8 Reflex MF – First impressions review

Source: Fuji X Passion

First impressions

Very well made and designed.

Catadioptric lenses are an acquired taste and dropped out of popularity once the novelty of the doughnut-shaped out of focus highlights became boring. They were pre-Bokeh obsessed photography, and there are a lot of people taking photographs out there who have never experienced the effect.

I have used Nikon, Vivitar and Sigma “Cats”, and this lens for me is equal if not better than the best for quality of manufacture and image quality. It is a great compact long focal length solution for full-frame and cropped sensors.

These images are just snaps taken on my way home from collecting the lens and a couple from this morning, just trying to show the possibilities.

Be aware…

The F8 aperture, minuscule depth of field and angle of view which 12x needs consideration.

I used to own the Fuji 100-400 but only ever used it at 400mm. Plus, the weight and size are limiting, but you do have variable apertures.

For me, the Tokina fulfils a requirement at a fraction of the size and price.


This lens is slightly more expensive than competitors but I would have paid more to have corrected what, in my opinion, are two faults:

1 – The lens hood which is of great quality has a screw thread so you cannot mount reversed on the camera for transportation which, unless you put some protection

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