15 Jul Today I Quit Twitter !

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Real Life

Today I quit Twitter I also quit TikTok, last month I quit Facebook. I had always planned to quit social media at 60 Years old when I fully retired, but I can’t see the point in holding on for another couple of years.

I have noticed my attention span is getting shorter and my Anxiety is getting worse. My time is being taken up trying to avoid drama and politics on Twitter so it’s time for it all to go.

I have never had the time since social media to really think properly and organise my time around important things.

I have completed lots of projects and really did use Social media for promoting my buisness but now realise I allowed it to take over my life. If I had my time again I would only ever have put Social Media on my desktop and never on my phone. The same goes for email ! That way I could have organised my day around work and free time.

Now I have had to retire due to my Stroke I realise how much I have used social media for all the wrong reasons and fallen in to the addictive cycle of post and reward.

Social Sheep

I can almost see how Social media is going and it’s not healthy !! My Anxiety after my stroke went through the

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