30 May To Much Clutter !

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Its been a very busy few years and I have not had a decent relaxing break for quite a while to be honest. I have just taken a week off and spent it under 60 miles from my front door in the Peak District and Yorkshire. Jane said to me half way through the week “you have hardly been on your phone this week” I guess I am learning. Its no good going away to Scotland and driving 600miles and not unloading the Clutter in my mind by being on Social Media all the time or answering all the emails. So staying close to home saved me a lot of driving and allowed me to really relax.

Working in the Photography industry is a bit full on at times, if you are not marketing you are planning or on social media and this can take over your life trust me.

Whilst away I decided on my 5 year plan and am now going to stick to it for a change.  I have about 14 more workshops to do for Wex Photographic and then a few other jobs to complete before October. I will then semi retire.  I plan to fully retire in 2022 not that Photographers ever retire we just have more time to be creative.

I will cut my workload in half  from October and start to take photos for me and start to explore the five elements ( Light, Composition, Moment, Amazing Subject,Emotional Impact)  that make a great

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