22 Dec Tips & Tricks For Your Fujifilm X Series Camera

Source: Fujifilm Insider

The Fujifilm X Series Cameras are quite unique in their operation and look of the images they produce. Here are some tips I have picked up from my time with the Fujifilm X-Pro2. Most of the tips will apply to all of the X Series, but some may be more specific to the X-Pro2.

Setting Lightroom Defaults specific to your Fuji camera
Where the X cameras really shine and beat out the competition is in their colour rendition. It is mentioned in nearly every review you read and it was the primary reason I gave Fuji a shot in the first place. The different film profiles give you more options and creativity when shooting but you will notice that if you are shooting RAW, you lose those profiles once you import them to Lightroom.

This is because Lightroom is applying it’s own Camera Calibration/colour profile by default when you import your Fuji files and is disregarding all of that hard work that Fuji has put into their colour rendition. There is no automatic way to retain the specific colour profile you chose when shooting but at the very least you can set your default profile to Provia (or whatever profile you shoot most in) so that you are at least starting from one of Fuji’s bases and not Adobe’s Standard.

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