30 Mar Time.

X100T ocean love.

Time is my most valuable resource in life and as a photographer. Not money. Fame. Or stuff.  Yet we squander it like it costs nothing.

It took me quite a while to appreciate that time is my most valuable resource in life. These days I work hard and get paid accordingly based on my time. As an adult with family and responsibilities they come first and if I allow my time to be wasted as a freelance photographer my life suffers too. Don’t ever think that a “one hour shoot” is ever just one hour with your camera in hand. There is getting gear ready, working out the creative direction, travel, setup, admin, post processing, delivery, and let’s not forget the head space pre and post shoot. Time.

Everyday is like a ticking time clock— where everyday could be our last. Do you want to spend it running around like a lunatic working for peanuts? I have a simple equation for my estimations and it goes something like this. COST OF SHOOT divided by 2 (GST and income Tax) =? Then divide this by the hours it takes to do the shoot (including admin, editing etc). Now that job which you quoted $200 for. $100 goes on tax. Then the 4 hours on site and 3 hours post/ admin equals $14.20/  hour. Meanwhile life goes on and you missed out. Time

Unfortunately in “real life”, we cannot re-charge our time. Once we’ve spent it, it is gone— forever. So when…