02 Feb Time for a change

Source: Don Craig

Will Exposure X3 replace Lightroom?

With Adobe’s announcement to abandon a stand-alone version of Lightroom, reverting to a subscription-only option, I have renewed my search for a replacement. One such option is Alien Skin Exposure X3, which the company has been heavily promoting.

Seeing an opportunity, Alien Skin software has updated their LR and Photoshop plugin, Exposure to be a stand-alone photo editing application that has the promise of being a Lightroom replacement.

Promise and practice

While a number of photographers have long since jumped to Capture One, I have been underwhelmed with C1. I attempted three times to make the switch, but have not been convinced that the software does a better job of working with the the X-trans RAW files and I certainly didn’t like working in the application. Finally, C1 does not support the RAW files from the GFX, which makes the software a non starter. So, I have stuck with LR as we have approached the subscription-only cliff. Rather than drive off of that cliff, I have continued to try out alternatives.

With the release of Exposure X3, there is the promise of an application that I can see replacing Lightroom. So, I have paid my money (rather than get paid by Alien Skin to promote the application – you know who you are) and will be attempting to use it exclusively for my personal work. My government photography will remain Lightroom based. Work pays the subscription fees and there are still …

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