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Tim Wallace | www.ambientlife.co.uk

This year we would like to welcome UK based commercial photographer Tim Wallace back into the Fujiholics fold. In 2016 Tim held a number of training seminars with us and these were very well received indeed by all that attended. Tim normally talks in the US at events such as Photoshop World in Florida and Las Vegas but was keen to return on to the team for 2017 to hold a further suite of training workshops and seminars that cover such subjects as lighting, post edit work and also commercial business advice.

Tim is the driving force and creative thinking behind Ambient Life. As an award winning photographer his work is often described as both conceptual and dramatic. Tim is very well known within the automotive car industry for his creativity and open approach and he is regarded by many as one of today’s leading commercial automotive car photographers with a unique strong style of work and creative approach that inspires not only his clients but also their customers – something that was reflected recently when he was awarded ‘International Commercial Advertising Photographer of the Year’ and ‘Car Photographer of the Year’ at the Industry Awards. Shooting campaigns for car manufacturers such as Peugeot with their recent ‘Fractal’ concept car for its campaign and launch at the Frankfurt Motor Show Tim’s work is well respected for its originality and quality. In recent years, Tim started to expand his business into new fields such as the aviation industry.

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