16 Aug Through The Clouds

Source: Little Big Travelling Camera

FUJIFILM X-T1 (14mm, f/5.6, 1/60 sec, ISO1000)

I once described Singapore as “safe but boring”. While that’s not totally inaccurate it is still a rather unfair statement.

Singapore doesn’t come close to India or Vietnam or most of the other countries in Asia when it comes to street photography but it has its own attractions. Some of them are rather new like the Marina Bay Sands hotel and the fantastic view from its top platform. Or the Cloud Forest dome in the Gardens at the Bay.

Just before I entered the elevator to bring me up I could not resist to take an image of those plants in the picture above. If you read this blog post on an iPad or smartphone you might not see it but just click on the picture and you see that they are all made of Lego stones. Looks quite impressive to me. Beside those obvious fake plants everything else here is real. Real flowers and ferns, real water falling down and real fog clouds.

The most impressive thing here is that even though the building doesn’t look that big from the outside it is very spacious inside and the views are really special. Below is one with the amazing Marina Bay Sands hotel in the background.

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