27 Jul Through a Photographer’s Eye: Thomas Brown

Source: Fujifilm X Blog

Welcome to the Second Series of Through a Photographer’s Eye. In this series, we continue to learn about Australian photographers and how they use X Series Cameras to photograph their world around them. Our last interview in Series Two is with New South Wales based photographer, Thomas Brown.

Thomas, your landscape and contemporary work is unique, can you tell us a bit about yourself and when you first picked up a camera?

I grew up on the beautiful mid-north coast of New South Wales. My interest in photography evolved through my interest in cinematography and video editing. I picked up my first real digital still camera in 2011 for the purpose of creating high-resolution time-lapse sequences for a personal short film project.


Around 2014 things started to change, and my photography interest overtook my filmmaking interest. Since then I have been in the constant pursuit of making pictures and have really enjoyed the journey so far. Career wise, up until a year and a half ago I had worked as a camera operator and video editor in TV commercial production. I am currently undergoing a bachelor degree in Creative Arts & Graphic Design.



If you have some advice for someone starting out in photography what would it be?

My advice would be just to start shooting and creating. It’s all time spent experimenting and doing, that’s where all the learning happens. I would tell anyone starting out just to hang a camera around

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