09 Mar Through a Photographer’s Eye: Drew Hopper

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Through a photographer’s eye is the first in a series of interviews featuring Australian photographers. In each interview, we learn about the person behind the camera and how they use Fujifilm X Series cameras to photograph the world around them. Our first interview is with Sydney based photographer, Drew Hopper.




Drew, what do you look for when taking a photo and how has photography shaped your career?


To me, photography is the art of observation. I try my best to find something interesting in everyday life and transform it into something surprising and captivating. For me, photography is about seeing things from a new perspective. If I can capture a moment and create some kind of tension that makes the viewer feel something then that to me is a successful photograph. As a photographer specialising in travel and documentary, stories are an integral part of my work. I strive to capture images that convey a sense of discovery with a story from everyday life moments. My goal as a visual storyteller is to be utterly infectious so that my audience can connect and feel something on an emotional level.



Fujifilm X100S – 23mm – F4 – 1/100 second – ISO 200


I never intended on becoming a full time ‘professional’ photographer. My love for the craft has kept me moving forward. After my first trip overseas the travel bug hooked me and there was no turning back. My journey as a photographer originated as a landscape photographer on the beautiful Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. My passion for the natural world led my desire to explore other parts of the world, which saw my journey as a landscape shooter evolve into the travel realm. I spend a lot of my time travelling abroad, mostly in Asia.


Fujifilm X100S – 23mm – F8 – 1/125 second – ISO 200



By the looks of things, you travel abroad often to capture people and subjects that interest you. Did you choose the X100S for this reason and what do you like most about the camera?


Yes, I spend a lot of time travelling throughout Asia. During my first trip overseas…

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