16 Mar Through a Photographer’s Eye: Alamby Leung

Source: Fujifilm X Blog

Through a photographer’s eye is the first in a series of interviews featuring Australian photographers. In each interview, we learn about the person behind the camera and how they use Fujifilm X Series cameras to photograph the world around them. Our second interview is with Melbourne based photographer, Alamby Leung.

Alamby, you are well known in photography circles online, but for those who may not have seen your work can you tell us about yourself and why you enjoy taking photos?


I’m a travel/lifestyle photographer, content creator and video producer. My video works are mostly produced for media and creative agencies that I work for, while photography is a passion of my own. I started photography the old school way, like using manual film cameras, developing my own negatives, and making prints in the darkroom. I’ve always liked art and creating things, and photography became my creative outlet as soon as I discovered it. It was a very natural process, and I find myself most creative when taking photos.

Recently you travelled to New Zealand with the Fujifilm X-Pro2, based on your experience what did you most like about the X Series system and did it assist your photography style?


I’ve been a Fujifilm user for the past few years. I own an X100S myself and loved its design and usability. As someone always travelling, I prefer my gear to be light, easy to access, and discreet. The X-Pro2 fits my criteria, and the lenses I brought along with gave me a lot of flexibility to achieve the images I had in mind. It does everything I would do with a DSLR, only it’s much lighter, and a lot more stylish!

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