26 Feb Thoughts on the Fuji X-T4

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

Having used Fuji X-Series cameras now since the original X100 (which I still have) and the X-Pro1 (which I don’t) I’m always following what the company does, even if I don’t always agree. Today, Fuji announced the X-T4 and its interesting because I think it represents a solid maturing of the X-T line.

I’m not going to bore you with specs or link to every different blog and video I can find on the camera, because there are plenty of other sites which do that already. If you want a good overall review, then DPReview have you covered. Instead I’m just gong to share my two cents.

This post is intended as a discussion of the camera, both good and bad, and some observations of the market. Here’s the short version – I’m going to compliment Fujifilm for producing a near perfect evolution of the X-T line, but I question the price and market position and I ponder where they will go from here?

The X-T4 is an evolution of the X-T3 in a good way. It uses the same sensor, but addresses many of the shortcomings of the previous model. In particular, it adds IBIS and also features a bigger battery, which were two of the biggest criticisms of the older model. Another feature that will be welcome for some is the new fully articulating screen, although some photographers prefer a simple tilting one. For video users though, it will be an advantage, especially if you want

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