31 Oct Thoughts About The XF 23mm F2 Lens

Source: Olafs Photoblog

Image courtesy of Jonas Rask

To attempt product-photography for the purpose of this blog entry would be a giant waste of our time. We are just not capable of producing  better X products images than those done by the visual virtuoso, Fujifilm X-photographer Jonas Rask. Make sure to check out his review of the XF 23mm F2 lens and follow his blog.

I always knew there was something off about me. It is well known that the 35mm focal length (50mm in FF) is the natural equivalent of a human eye’s field of view. But it’s not so for me. My seeing somehow feels confined and limited, grasping for just a little bit more frame space.

For years my always-with-me camera has been the X100/S. Its portability, quietness, fun-factor and its 23mm field of view (35mm in FF) was exactly what I needed for everyday shooting. However, with the recent release of the X-Pro2 and the X-T2 (22MP, Joystick, Double-card slots etc…), my X100S had hard time competing for my attention. I have to admit I cannot wait for the next iteration of this camera (Fujifilm – are you listening!?).

In the meantime, I have been working on several projects including a very cold wet one with the working title R-A-I-N, which not only requires the 23mm field of view but it also demands a light, weather-sealed lens. When Fujifilm announced a brand new XF 23mm F2 lens I knew that this would be a perfect match for my X-Pro2…


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