24 Jul This should be Fuji’s New Kit Lens

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

If you’ve been following his blog for a while You’ll know that I previously posted about wanting a 24-105 (in full frame terms) equivalent for Fuji for sometime. They previously previewed the 16-80mm lens a while ago and put it in the roadmap, but now they’ve officially announced the launch date and the full specs of it.

To be honest, I don’t really care about the majority of the specs. I really don’t need to know how many elements are in it, or how many aspherical elements it has. I’m sure that information is per important to some people. I just want to know what the pictures it takes look like. The thing I was most interested in is the price, and it seems to be somewhat reasonable at $799. It has an impressive (on paper) 6 stops of stabilisation and with a constant f/4 aperture it should be a pretty good lens. Of course I’d need to try it personally before I would decide if it’s good or not. I do think that Fuji should start shipping this as their kit lens with the high end cameras, instead of the 18-55. It’s a much more suitable lens for this purpose, and would be similar in range to Canon’s 24-105 and Nikon’s 24-120. (It’s exactly 24 to 120).

It’s due out in September. I don’t know if I’lll buy one or not, but I will try and rent one to do a review if I can. In the mean time

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