15 Nov Thinking outside the box (with the help of Fuji)

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I started photography in Greece where I was born and raised and immediately I knew I would be a landscape photographer. Don’t ask me how I knew it, it could be my love for nature or my antisocial behavior could be both I just did. Back in 2005 when digital was creeping in the photography world I made my first leaps in photography documenting the beauties of Greece, a country photographically unexplored until then, at least within the context of contemporary landscape.

I was and partly kind of still am a Nikon guy and my first digital camera was a Nikon D70s but soon I realized its limitations, moved to a D200 and after it met a tragic death falling off the rocks of Meteora I moved to a D3s to end up with the megapixel monster the D810. By then my camera bag, adding the lenses the tripod my filters, batteries and all that comes along, would weigh more than eight kilograms and I was getting tired of it.

Fuji X-T1 . Fuji XF56mmF1.2 . f/8 . 1/50″ . ISO 400

Fuji X-T1 . Fuji XF23mmF1.4 . f/8 . 1/1000″ . ISO 400

Nikon D810 . Nikon 70-200mmF4.0 @75mm. f/8 . 1/45″ . ISO 64

Fuji came into my life the summer of 2014 in the form of an X-T1 which I had kept until recently and the timing couldn’t have been better. By that time in my life and after the boom

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