11 Mar The XF18mm: Why Fujifilm’s “worst” lens is my favorite

Source: Fujifilm Insider

From the time I started using Fujifilm mirrorless system, the Fujifilm XF18mm F2 lens had intrigued me. I liked its small size, the 52mm filter thread size, that great looking hood and the fact that my style is suited for the 28mm focal length. The one reason I waited so long to get the XF18?

The nay-sayers.

Everywhere I looked were bad reviews, “It’s not as sharp as the XF14mm F2.8” Or “It’s not as fast as the XF16mm F1.4” But keeping in mind that the internet is full of complaints and opinions, I bought one anyway. So on that note, here is my opinion….

As you can see, the XF18 is very capable, just like the rest of Fujifilm’s lenses. That’s not to say that I’m recommending this lens over any of their other wide angle lenses but I am suggesting you consider adding it to your bag. I do love it though and I consider it an essential part of my kit. If I didn’t own the XF35mm F2 this lens would always be attached to my camera.

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