26 Feb the X100F – first look

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Yesterday I got rid of my XT1 and my trusty old X100S in Exchange for a X100F (and some extra cash). After a little set-up in the shop the camera was instantly ready to use. When you’re a Fuji user that also owns a XPRO2 this little tool has no learning curve.

After leaving the shop I took some photos to test the camera. This is not an in depth review, I will write about my real life experience with this model in the coming days. If you want to know something…just ask me.

Same same, but different

I don’t need to write about the build quality or the integrated lens because there is no real difference to the predecessors of this model, but the placement of the buttons has changed. In case of the Q-button it was a little misplacement for my taste. It is placed at an area where I rest usually rest the thumb of my right hand. You can lock this button by holding down the menu button for a few seconds so this is not a real problem but a little hollow grip to put your thumb into would have been a better choice for my taste….

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