06 Mar the X100F – after one week of use

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Time to share my further experiences with Fuji’s new model of the X100 family with you. As I wrote in my last X100F article I was coming from the older X100S and the changes for me were huge in terms of the auto-focus, the sensor and the overall speed.

Auto-focus and EVF/OVF

If you’re coming from the X100S you will notice the difference, because the auto-focus was really bad back in the early days of this product line but I managed to deal with this flaw. Now it feels fast enough, more accurate and serves my needs as a documentary and street photographer very well. There are faster systems out on the market but this is not the aim of this camera. Most of the time the auto-focus delivered just the way I expected it, even in OVF-mode.
EVF is bliss! It is fast with a high refresh rate as I know from my XPRO2. It stays that way even in low light situations without becoming a porridge of pixels.
The OVF is also more detailed now and can show a tiny fraction of the auto-focus-area in the lower right (nothing new for the X100T users). I am a heavy OVF user, because I love the distraction free experience and the possibility to see what is coming into the frame (because the visible area is greater through the OVF). I love the way Fuji stays to it’s fundamental principles by having unique products which standout to the whole camera-manufacturer landscape out there. You hate it or you love it, but it’s a distinctive Fuji….


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