06 Sep The X-Pro2: Image Quality | Adam Bonn

Source: FUJI X PRO1

Last time out (click here) I talked about why I chose the X-Pro2. Sure GAS… blah blah, but in real terms; more ISO, more shutter speed, better manual focus aids and a clever hybrid view finder greatly aid the way I use the X-Pro series cameras. I very much enjoyed the X-Pro1 image quality, in fact I’ve written about it many times! You can read some of my thoughts on the X-Pro1 IQ here and here. Although the X-Trans II sensor cameras produced technically superior images (cleaner, better Dynamic Range (DR), 14 bit RAW) I preferred the original X-Trans I look. So to say that I was concerned about the IQ of the (X-Trans III) X-Pro2 files was an understatement……

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