30 May The X-Pro 2 Pt III-a jolly good slapping

Approaching Rawene Fujifilm X-Pro 2, 16-55/2.8 LM WR ISO 200, 1/60s @f8

Tena koe:

I have a confession.

I hate tripods.

I have 2 of them and I don’t particularly like either. One is a lovely little foldaway and the other is a big Induro with a 229 head. Both of them are great tripods, but I just hate them. Actually I hate using them.  I much prefer to wander and respond intuitively rather than go through the motions of the rigging up my tripod and moving at its pace (slow). While I preach the virtues of using a tripod at my workshops, the X-cameras I use have normally allowed me to get away with handholding.  That is the joy of this type of camera. It frees you from the drudgery of buttons and controls. Its in-viewfinder histogram encourages you to work in that space, rather than stand back and make deliberate decisions. It frees you to listen to your heart and search for the moment. No more.

The Pro-2 reminded me that the new 24 MP sensor won’t tolerate any of the sort of sloppiness.  I need to remember not to attempt handholding with the 16-55 LM WR at any shutter speed under 1/250s. it simply won’t allow you to get away with it if you want all that fine detail on offer. There is so much resolution on tap, that you can reach for big images and huge enlargements. If you pay attention to technique…