16 Nov The X-H1 + X-T30 + X-T4 = The New Fujifilm X-S10

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The first Fujifilm X Series camera, officially called the Finepix X100, was launched back in March of 2011. It was a camera that nobody asked for, but everyone could see and appreciate what Fujifilm was trying to do. Although the vision was greater than it’s capabilities at the time, the X100 series improved with each new iteration; and now it’s a very competent camera that is universally loved. Fujifilm continued this streak of creating innovative stills cameras with a reputation for beautiful retro-design with modern functionality. There were a few anomalies along the way, but in general Fujifilm built cameras that they wanted to build, not what the rest of the market was doing.  The release of the Fujifilm X-H1 in the spring of 2018 was an unusual camera for Fujifilm. It kept much of the retro-design aesthetics from the X-T2, but it had to be built bigger and stronger to accommodate the addition of IBIS (In-body Image Stabilization). Fujifilm’s goal was to appease both the existing customers who were mainly stills photographers, while trying to attract hybrid shooters who also wanted capable video functionality. Many considered the X-H1 a failed project, since the X-T3 ( that was launched just […]

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