24 Nov The Visual Poet Experience 2019 is here!

Source: Olafs Photoblog

What an incredible year it has been! From Vancouver to San Francisco and London to Berlin, 2018 was another great year for the Visual Poet Experience. It has been a great pleasure to craft imagery with so many talented photographers, new and advanced. We achieved so much together and became friends for life.

The Visual Poet Experience Workshops are one the most sought after in the industry for a reason (you know that when teachers of photography sign up). These are true photographic experiences during which we study, discuss, debate but most importantly craft great imagery. These are not “let’s all hold hands” and chat-about-our-vacations social gatherings. Yes, we often become friends for life but what bonds us together is love of the craft and our dedication to it. We work hard to make sure every image we produce together during these events is world-class work.

For three intense days, we study one of the most coherent and built-from-scratch photography development program – Simplicity-In-Seeing. Regardless of our experience, we push our own seeing and creativity limits, not holding back anything, including critique and honest assessment. It’s no wonder that many of my students have become serious and widely respected members of photo communities around the world.

As many of you know, talk is cheap, and this is all about imagery! So let the images created by my students during the Visual Poet Experience Workshops all around the world speak for themselves.

I hope you will join me next year for

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