15 May The tools of my trade

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For several years now, I have used laptops to process my RAW files. I started with a PC and moved on to a Macbook because many professionals were using it. To my eye, images looked good on screen and my web page. It was only recently that a friend with a sharp eye pointed out that some of the images had a little yellow tint, probably caused by an ageing laptop screen. The suggestion was to invest in a professional EIZO monitor, the gold standard in computer monitors. An expensive investment, no doubt. Finally biting the bullet, I got a 24-inch monitor, and I soon realised what I had missed all these years. Now there is much more detail, and even minor setting changes are clearly visible on the screen. The monitor comes with a calibration instrument, and if you use the monitor frequently, you will need to calibrate it at least once a month. The EIZO, unlike other monitors, stores all settings, and so any other laptop plugged in will also enjoy the benefit of a calibrated screen. This is not the case with most other monitors, where the settings are stored on the laptop. The final images have much better colour, contrast and shadow detail and do justice to the output from your expensive camera. I grew up on film, to be more precise Ilford PAN F, FP4, HP5+ and Kodak Kodachrome for slide. In 2002 I switched to digital with a Nikon D100 and 4 lenses.

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