13 Jul THE T-A-C CONTROL OF THE XPRO2! One of the biggest complaints…


One of the biggest complaints I see on the Xpro2 is it’s lack of ISO soft control within the camera via one of the command dials. I have to agree, being pinned to setting a hard ISO via the top wheel is somewhat awkward, and slow. Although I have gotten use to setting a hard ISO with the wheel, there are a few things you can try as an alternative! I’ll also talk a little about controlling the shutter speed of the Xpro2.

Within the camera menu, under the camera icon, – Auto ISO, you’ll see three separate Auto ISO presets. Within each preset you set the parameters to which the camera will enable once the camera is set in an Auto ISO mode. Set your top wheel to the red “A” and you’re in Auto ISO, and the camera will use whatever preset you have currently selected. In each preset you’ll see three parameters, Default Sensitivity – Max Sensitivity – Minimum Shutter Speed. Default Sensitivity is the lowest ISO setting you desire, Max Sensitivity, is just that, whatever you want as a Max ISO setting, and Minimum Shutter is set to the speed you think you can hold for a crisp shot. There are a couple of caveats, the first is you can’t set your default any lower than 200-ISO and if you set you default sensitivity at a higher value than your Max sensitivity, it will default to any ISO value you