06 Jun The Smaller The Camera… The Better

I remember getting my first camera in the mail a few years ago. It was a
Canon T3i, included was the battery and the 18-55 kit lens. It was a
refurbished unit that I purchased for a little over $400. I was so excited
to open the package. I remember getting to my car and ripping it open right
there in the parking lot. When I pulled the camera out of the bubble wrap
the first thing I said to myself was “damn, this is small as hell”.

I never really shot with the camera, but I found myself gaining more
interest in photography. As the years went on I quickly gained knowledge on
exactly what system I had, I learned that the T3i was the bottom of Canon’s
DSLR market (this was before the T3) and that it was considered a crop
sensor camera, which was aimed towards consumers and not professionals.

Well, I didn’t want to be labeled as a consumer… I switched to the 60D, a
bigger better version of the T3i, when it gave me similar results I found
myself upgrading to the 6D, Canon’s full frame camera. This unit was big!
Heavy, robust and obtrusive. It really stood out. I equipped this with the
24-105L, I looked like such a boss. I had the same kit as the people I
considered elite so that pretty much made me elite too. There was no way
possible people wouldn’t take me seriously…  I never knew that image of&