15 Mar The seven camera GIF rig

Source: Fujifeed

In the summer of 2016, photographer Jeffrey L Bennett experimented with creating animated GIFs using multiple cameras. He wanted to animate a moment, frozen in time, from several angles.

It wasn’t my first experience with animated sequences of images, for years I’ve been incorporating animated GIFs in my wedding, engagement and portrait work. They have been a big hit with my clients. I created the animations below using bursts of still shots from a single camera (other photographers are making cinemagraphs from video, but I prefered the stop-motion look of a group of still).


After several years thinking of this project I finally decided to build a multi-camera rig. I considered many different cameras. Originally I was going to use Canon 1Dmk IIn bodies because I owned three of them. The portability of this setup wasn’t so good. I considered Canon’s digital Rebels with their kit lens but thought a prime and fixed lens setup might be better to eliminate possible variance in focal length. The release of Fujifilm’s tiny X70 mirrorless camera made me finally pull the trigger.

The rig

It was built to be as small as possible while holding seven Fujifilm X70’s and fitting in the back of my Chevy Volt. The backbone of the rig is just a wooden board, painted black, with L-Shape flash brackets bolted to it. There are 7 L-Shape flash brackets pointing up with quick release plates for the cameras and two brackets pointing down for connecting to a pair of sturdy 055 tripods.


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