01 Apr The Second Half

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Boom ! There it is, the start of the fourth year of my photography business ! When I was made redundant, my Area Manager was made redundant too! He said “what are you doing at the weekend ?” I said “talking at the photography show.” He just looked at me like I was winding him up. I took my redundancy money and decided to give the industry another go after a very long time out! I sold all my Nikon camera gear, went on holiday to Venice, came back and took the plunge.

It’s been really hard graft at times and very gut wrenching scary ! But all the time there has been this little voice next to me ( no not Richie!) saying just keep going. I have sat in the car next to Jane on my way to talk to a room full of 900 people feeling sick and on the verge of giving it up through anxiety but Jane was always there supporting me from the start !

She is supporting me even more now with my weight loss and she is amazing and is the only reason I can do what I do as she gives me the confidence to do it.

Not easy for a guy with Dyslexia and really bad chronic IBS !

Jane gave me the strength to drive forward against all odds at times in an ever changing industry to stop, think and change direction and find a new way to

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