09 Jul The Return of Topaz Adjust AI

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

Since updating my Mac to the Big Sur OS, I haven’t been able to use Topaz Adjust AI. This week I discovered there is a new release of Topaz Adjust that works on the Mac Big Sur OS. Although it’s not an application I use a lot, it’s very useful for making quick improvements to images. It also includes the old (now retired) Topaz Detail adjustments to enhance image details.

The reason that I discovered the new release is that I was processing a film scan of the image below.

Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland

I shot the image many years ago on a Pentax 67 MkII medium format camera with a 55mm lens. I was using Fuji Velvia 50 slide film. I don’t know the original camera settings but I do know it was before sunrise so it must have been a long exposure. That may account for the purple/blue shift in the image colour as the old Velvia 50 has a habit of doing this with long exposures. The image you see is a reasonably accurate match for the physical slide.

The image scan was only made recently using my old Epson Perfection V700 scanner. The scanner has made quite a good job of extracting the detail in the dark areas of the slide but suffers from being soft. This is a common problem when scanning with a flatbed scanner and the image quality doesn’t

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