19 Jun The Renatus Project is here!

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The Renatus Project has been years in the making. The idea of the project was born within. After years of struggling to survive, enduring dialysis and a subsequent kidney transplant, I met wonderful people from all walks of life on my journey. Every encounter provided me with a deep feeling of gratitude, reflection and inspiration. But there was more!

Many of my transplant friends told me their life stories. Every one of them was unique, powerful and inspirational. As I maintained those relationships some of the stories evolved into tales of suffering and drama but also unconditional love, redemption, and appreciation of life and people. Quickly I realized that those remarkable stories must be told.

Unfortunately, the regimen of daily life and responsibilities did not allow me time to work on the project but the idea would not leave my restless head. I started contemplating all aspects of the project and it became a healthy obsession. I realized that the time was now. It must become a reality and my top priority!

This decision came at an important point on my photographic journey. I have done a lot of creative photography, my workshops are successful and I have the privilege of writing extensively, including my new book and the monthly column for the FujiLove Magazine, among other things. Having said that, I wanted to take my photography further. I wanted my seeing to have a new visual impulse. This project was that challenge.

Years of pondering gave me a good

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