07 Jan The rabbit hole

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My name is Robert Sykes. I’m twenty-eight years old and I live in Houston, Texas. I have a beautiful wife. Together, we have a gorgeous two-year-old daughter. I practice Zen meditation. I work full time as an ICU nurse. And, I am a part-time photographer.

Fuji X-T20 . Fuji XF56mmF1.2 @56mm . f/1.2 . 1/2500″ . ISO 1000

Fuji X-T30 . Fuji XF56mmF1.2 @56mm . f/2.2 . 1/280″ . ISO 320

Fuji X-T30 . Fuji XF56mmF1.2 @56mm . f/8 . 1/125″ . ISO 2000

So, how did I get into photography? To trace it back, I became a registered nurse in 2014. Started in the ICU, where I still work to this day. As a full-time ICU nurse, I work three twelve-hour shifts. FOUR days off! On my days off from work, I go to a Zen temple called The Houston Zen Center. I live in the suburbs.

The temple is in town. To beat the Houston traffic, I would get into town early and hang out at a coffee shop with a nice patio. Admittedly, I didn’t even like coffee. I just liked patios to Zen out on. Anyway, the more I went to these cool coffee shops in town, the more I took notice of the craft aspect that went into specialty coffee.

Fuji X100F . f/2.8 . 1/160″ . ISO 400

Fuji X-T30 . Fuji XF56mmF1.2 @56mm . f/1.4 . 1/2000″ . ISO 500<figure aria-describedby="caption-attachment-10649" class="wp-caption

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