17 May The power of the moon.

Many people told me, that I’m used to spend my holidays on unusual places. And they don’t mean something like my trip trough Vietnam. Even if places like Vietnam are very exotic for german people, it’s mainstream to travel to far away places, like tropical regions, in these days.

I often spend my holidays on places, that were popular places for holidays in the past (and sometimes they still are) like my short holidays at the river Mosel or the Teutoburg Forest.

This year we (my girlfriend and me) wanted to visit Island, but things turned out differently. Because of personal reasons we decided to spend some days in Eastern Friesland (germ.: Ostfriesland). Yes, I know, how could we change from Island to Eastern Friesland? Believe me, we had good reasons. Island is only postponed but not cancelled. One day I will travel to Island.

I have to admit that I was scaptical first. Eastern Friesland is not known for being very exciting. It’s popular for families with small children or elderly people that don’t want excitement but rather tranquility and the classic and picturesque landscapes. This time we were looking for such kind of holidays and we got it.

For those who don’t know Eastern Friesland. It is an area in the north-west of germany right next to the North Sea. The special thing about this area is that the land and also the sea are very flat. A local person told me a…