22 Jun The new Hasselblad X1D – Will medium format regain its popularity?

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Hasselblad made history thanks to its medium format cameras (12 of their film cameras are still on the surface of the moon) and nowadays the company produces several high-end medium format DSLRs. Today the Swedish company added a new system to its catalogue. Small hint: there’s no mirror!

The new X1D-50c has the best of two worlds: a large sensor housed in a compact and light camera body. The latter is definitely the most pleasant surprise: the weight and dimensions are not that different from an A7r II and even smaller than a Nikon D810. So for medium format, it is quite compact!

If you are interested in all the specs and details about the new camera, I invite you to check our news article on the curation website. Here I will share some personal thoughts about this new system.

Before starting, let’s sum up some facts about medium format if you are not familiar with it.

Medium format includes any format larger than 35mm (36x24mm) and smaller than 4×5 inches (102x127mm, which is considered large format). One of the most popular medium formats is 120 film which is available in different aspect ratios (6×4.5, 6×6, 6×9 etc.).

With digital, there are currently two main medium format sizes on the market used by several brands including Hasselblad, Phase One and Pentax:

53.9×40.4mm (H6D-100c, Phase One XF 100MP and more) 44x33mm (X1D-50c, H6D-50c, Pentax 645z and more)

The former is very close in size to the 6×4.5 format of 120mm film

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