08 Jun The New Era of Instant Photography

By Abby Swain-Mitchell

As a child that grew up in the height of the Instant era, I am so excited to see the new generation of cameras and the old cameras being brought back to life.

All those children’s parties where the camera was snapping away and the marvel that we could see our pictures instantly. Now, arguably we have that today with phones and digital cameras, but there’s nothing quite like having the print instantly in your hand, and the funny thing is that you straight away create that emotional link to the photo. Even the bad ones, you just can’t bring yourself to dispose of.

I recently got married and thought what better way to capture the mood of the day, and to make sure that we had a photo of everyone there, but to dot the instant cameras around the reception room. We created a board with everybody’s name on it and challenged them to find their name and replace it with a picture of themselves. Well, what fun everyone had!

Everybody engaged in the race to take the best picture, we didn’t just have one photo of everyone but lots. Everybody got involved and loved it. There’s just a magic about it, and today there are many more options than there have ever been to get creative with your instant prints.

After the demise of Polaroid, the inventors of instant a new company grabbed hold of the technology and rescued the old machinery and set