23 May The monochrome battle! – Fuji X-Pro2 vs. Olympus Pen F vs. Panasonic GX85

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When you think about photography, it is almost impossible not to think about black and white images. They are linked to the history of photography itself and to the many important names that made this art form popular. Even today, monochrome is still the preferred look of many enthusiasts and professional photographers.

There are several ways to create great black and white images. The first is also the oldest: to shoot black and white film, a niche that survives despite the enormous growth of digital photography.

For digital, you can find excellent software programs, presets and profiles to get the results you want in post-production.

Finally there is the option to shoot monochrome in your digital camera directly. More and more camera brands are implementing new profiles and tools to give black and white enthusiasts better results.

Recently, I had the fortune of being able to use all three of the most recent mirrorless cameras with monochrome profiles at the same time. As such, I felt it would be interesting to compare them side-by-side to understand how they differ from one another and how good they can be for monochrome photography.

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Meet the cameras Olympus Pen F

The most recent digital Pen has a dedicated Creative dial on the front to switch between Colour Creator, Art filters and the new colour and monochrome profiles. The last option allows you to select 8 different colour filters. For each filter you can adjust the strength in 3 steps. You can also edit shadow / highlight intensity, or add vignetting and…

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