02 Jun The Moment Anamorphic Lens for the iPhone 11

Source: Maclean Photographic

Over the past couple of months during the Coronavirus lockdown here in Scotland I have been taking a long walk around Belhaven and Dunbar as part of my daily exercise and my iPhone has been my camera of choice during this time.  

Since buying the iPhone 11 at the beginning March I have been highly impressed with the quality of the images and video and while it will never replace my Fujifilm X Series system, it means I have a high quality camera in my pocket at all times.

To improve the flexibility of the iPhone I bought into the Moment lens system.  

Moment are a Seattle based company producing, arguably, the world’s best mobile phone lenses.  There are plenty of options to add addition lens options to your mobile phone camera but a lot are cheap plastic or glass that produce low quality results.  

On the other hand Moment lenses are proper optical glass in a metal housing that fit into a Moment phone case with a bayonet mount for security.  

Moment produce phone cases for the iPhone 6 upwards, Samsung Galaxy and Note, Google Pixel and the OnePlus 6 and 7.  The cases fully protect your phone as well as provide the mount to use the lenses.  If Moment don’t make a case for your phone, they also produce a clip mount that allows you to use the lenses as well.

In addition Moment have developed a camera app for the iPhone (and

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