09 Nov The Middle Path

Source: Sebastian Boatca

According to Buddha, the Middle Path, or the Middle Way is a concept used to describe the Noble Eightfold Path, a series of Buddhist practices and mindsets that will lead one to the liberation from samsara. This path includes eight practices: right view, right effort, right speech, right conduct, right resolve, right livelihood, right mindfulness and right meditation into a spiritual union. But what has any of that to do with photography?

 Well, this concept of the Middle Way can successfully be implemented in our daily lives. As Buddha proved before, the path to any of the two opposite extremes is dangerous and will not yield neither the efficiency, nor the expected results of what we try to achieve. This can apply to almost everything we thing, feel and do. To exercise this type of philosophy in the way we act, now and in the future can be seen in synonymy with the ancient Greek principle of moderation. In ancient Greece, “Nothing In Excess” is the conclusion that embodies this philosophy and it was written on the temple of Apollo at Delphi. Although not doing something excessively is not exactly the same thing as the concept of the Middle Way. But both visions can converge to a final philosophical way of seeing things and acting accordingly.

I would like to apply this summum of principles in the way we choose and use our gear in photography. And, as in some previous articles of mine, I would like to….