20 Sep The middle of what?

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Why do I center any specific item in most of my images? Possibly, it is due to the fact that, as children, our focus is usually drawn to the center of a page first. Perhaps, by placing the subject in front of the viewer, there is an attempt to introduce their story to the world. Maybe, it is to draw more attention to it. Overall, I would say it’s a combination of all that and a lot more. I have made central composition a part of my everyday life when searching for the next capture that suits my goals.

Fuji X-Pro3 . Fuji XF23mmF2 . F/5.6 . 1/100” . ISO 160

Most importantly, how does someone know what works best for them or what doesn’t? What defines one’s style? I benefit from an exercise on a daily basis that may help you acknowledge what is most advantageous for you. Choose a subject (it could be anything) and capture ten different, unique images, using different composition tools (rule of thirds, golden mean, visual weight, etc.).

After a number of attempts, you’ll gain confidence and momentum for which angles you prefer and which are easiest for you to create. I often end up choosing the image where the subject is in the middle of the frame. That is a risky setting, possibly why I like it best. Some say that central composition is ordinary, creating negative reactions such as boredom. Moreover, there is the belief that it is the simplest technique.

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