07 Mar The Magic of Fujifilm

Source: Ian Macdonald Photography

The last few weeks have been busy:  I attended a Fujifilm launch event for the new X-H1, helped lead a photowalk, spoke about my love of street photography to a group of passionate photographers (many of whom shoot with the Fuji X Series) and taught a workshop that was attended entirely by people who use Fujifilm cameras.  All of this reminded me of the palpable enthusiasm that people have for Fujifilm cameras, and I’d like to talk about that for a bit…

To this day, seven years after the launch of the Fuji X Series, I still get asked this question all the time:

“What is it that makes you so excited about Fujifilm cameras?”

First, it’s hard to believe that has been seven years already.  Longer, actually, if you consider that Fujifilm announced the original X100 camera at Photokina during the fall of 2010.  The growth of the X series since then has been remarkable:  there are now 7 or 8 distinct cameras in the series, over two dozen lenses, numerous converters, adapters, accessories, etc.  This of course does not include the groundbreaking Fujifilm GFX medium format camera and its 6 lenses.  Add in the native and third party flash systems that are now available and you really do have a robust system that has matured rapidly in a short period of time… one that I use for all of my professional and personal work.  I am all in, 100%…

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