20 Sep The landscapes of Tuscany

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Armed with a Fujifilm X-Pro2 and a 100-400mm lens I set off South of Siena in search of some classic landscapes and a few new shots of my own. I’m migrating my career to the landscape and travel photography genres and I thought Tuscany is a great place to get some practice in and this was a great opportunity to recce next years Tuscany adventure. As I’m already a competent photographer it’s only really a few new craft skills that I have had to learn. The art, design and composition skills are all still there.

1. These are the vines carrying the Sangiovese grapes for the famous Brunello wine from Montalcino. The wine is very exclusive and apparently it can’t be released for sale until 5 years after the harvest and then it’s best to lay it down for another five years or more. I understand the 2007 Brunello is drinking well right now. It’s great for me to know that this hillside is the source for one of Italy’s finest products. Brunello wine sits alongside Ferrari, Maserati and Borollo in Italy’s league of excellence.

2. This hilltop chapel near Pienza is another Italian classic. I just loved how it is set against the distant mountains. I’ve pinned my shoot spot on the map for the 2018 Tuscany tour and I have made a note of the ideal time of day to capture it at it’s best.

3. The ever changing light in the late Summer is perfect for those photographers prepared to play the waiting game.

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