09 Jul The joy of using Fuji’s film simulations

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Before having a Fujifilm camera in my arsenal, little did I know that “colour” actually plays an important role in my photography life, and that is motivating me to shoot. Why do I say that?

I was a DSLR user since 2006 and because colour can be adjusted in post-processing, I had never noticed how “important” colour was. I had got used to doing post-processing for every photo I need to deliver (either for my own collection or for family & friends who want it). It was a must-thing to do. In the beginning, it was exciting and motivating to carry out post-processing work. But gradually, when I reviewed the edited photos, somehow, I just felt that the photos were colour boring. I even felt that “something’s not right” but yet unable to identify where and what is the problem underlying.

Fuji X100V . f2.8 . 1/3200” . ISO 320 . Classic NegativeLEFT: Fuji X100V .  f8 . 1/850” . ISO 160 . Classic Negative
RIGHT: Fuji X-T3 . Fuji 80mmF2.8 @80mm . f2.8 . 1/250” . ISO 1250 . Classic Chrome

I know there are people who love to do custom colour profiles on their camera so that the colours are pleasing to their eyes. But I find it a hassle to do and have to spend a lot of time to figure out the preferred colour (you can say I am lazy). So as time goes by, I hardly brought my DSLR out and shoot. Besides heavy being the usual

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