15 Nov The Joy of Crafting Imagery

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It has been an intense few months. I have embarked on new photographic journeys and I cannot wait to share more with you. Despite all the news, today I would like to touch on something very important but often misconstrued – the joy of photography.

A few days ago, I came back from San Francisco where I had the pleasure of shooting with a group of amazing photographers. It was only three months ago that I led another Visual Poet Experience Workshop in Paris. During these events, we had intense discussions about the craft of photography, including a fascinating exchange with our guest, Ibarionex Perello.

One of the comments I often hear on the internet or in large group discussions is: “I am doing this for fun.”The underlying connotation is the notion:“I don’t care what others think – photography is fun – therefore whether my imagery is good or bad doesn’t matter.”I respect such a stand. However, after working with my students for the last few years and having in-depth conversations with other photographers I am more inclined to believe this attitude causes more harm than good.

Let me explain. There is no question that photography brings us great satisfaction and joy otherwise we would not be doing it. However, this feeling of joy, self-fulfillment and connection with our inner seeing is much richer if we produce strong and articulate work. In other words, hard work, internal discipline and unwavering commitment are prerequisites in crafting great imagery.

The process of

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