19 Apr The Importance of Curation

Source: Olafs Photoblog

Many of us remain under more or less strict lockdown, giving us plenty of time to look into our own photography. One of the most important subjects rarely discussed is curation.

There is a common misconception that great photographers always shoot great images. Yes of course they do, but they also capture lots of mediocre images, like the rest of us. Over the years I’ve interacted with and studied the best photographers in the world and if there is one common factor, they are great curators of their own work. 

What does it mean to curate? Curation is the impartial selection and revaluation of a photographer’s own work for the purpose of presenting one image or a series of images. It sounds easy and straightforward, but it is not. 

The biggest problem with curation is our personal attachment to the imagery. In fact, during a conversation, I can easily sense photographers who are most likely to have a hard time curating their own images. The most common philosophy is “I do it for myself, so I don’t care what others think.” The undertone of this approach is that because I like my image, it must be good. This self-centred tactic is the most common trap preventing many photographers from becoming good curators of their own work. 

That’s not the only problem. The other issue is an inability to reduce the selection to an absolute minimum. With the ease of digital photography, we shoot and share too much. In other words,

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