15 Jun The Importance of a Conversation on “Seeing”

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In my last blog post I asked you about the direction of this blog and whether or not you enjoy it in the current format. Your response was overwhelming and deeply humbling. Most of you said that you like the format and you don’t want me to change much which, I have to admit, I am very grateful for. Here are just four notes.

Jeff wrote: “I much prefer to get information from a blog than social media because it takes time to craft a good blog post and the quality is always higher. Blogs, books, newspaper articles, are like vegetables, social media is sugary candy. I don’t see any reason to change what you are doing in this space.”

Patricia shares her thoughts: “I hope you continue with exactly what feels true to you because it is working. Your heartfelt thoughts and perspective, and your willingness to be vulnerable in sharing is really appreciated. In regard to the images posted, which I always enjoy.”

Bob shared this thought:“I was first inspired to follow your artistic journey by this blog, and it remains my favourite.” 

Khürt noted:“I think blogs are needed more today than ever before. Blogs are the barrier against the waves of “instant” thinking and doing.” Thoughtful ​blogs, like this one, allow me to slow down, pull up a chair, and with a mug of ale/coffee/tea, sit by the fire and chat until the wee hours.”

I had better stop here because I would have to quote the entire “comment” section – I

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