05 Aug The Haute Route Pyrenees: Field Notes

Source: Fujifilm Insider

n the August 2017 issue of The Great Outdoors, you’ll find my latest backpacking feature, entitled Chased by Storms. Here’s the lowdown on my route through the Pyrenees along with some extra photos and notes.

My July 2016 trip to the Pyrenees was a first for me – my first trip to a European mountain range outside the Western Alps or Norway. I’d originally pondered a complete thru-hike of the 500-mile Haute Route Pyrenees from Atlantic to Mediterranean, but had to curb my ambitions when I sat down and figured out how much time I actually had. A section hike would have to do.

It was a great trip, but also a challenging one. In my feature I explore how backpacking is never a completely positive experience; how pressures, challenges and worries erode the sense of pure enjoyment on the trail….

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