31 Jul The GFX, X100F, X-Pro 2: 1800 miles later – Part 2

Source: Fujifilm Insider

(This blog continues from part one – click here for a link). I had spotted a layby, I pulled up, grabbed my camera and headed to a spot that I had made a mental note about before, I think I was near Bothar Na Haillite (btw, I would love to have GPS marking in the cameras). I knew the rain was about to come down, it was going to be an extremely heavy down pour. The location I had in mind meant walking out along cliff tops that stood about 50 – 75 meters vertically out of the water. The waves were hitting the rock so hard, the spray was flying over the top and making it quite the tricky image to get. I really didn’t want to explain why I had smashed a GFX or the X100F, as they were both loaned cameras, so I played it safe took my own X-Pro2 with the 16-55mm lens. After attaching a wrist strap and the neck strap, I walked out on to the rocks to see what, if any image was going to be available. The limestone rocks are full of moss and small pools of water, keeping my footing was pretty tough. It turns out my bike boots are not the best at rock hopping in the wet, however, the next challenge was even more tricky. Keeping the lens dry and clean seemed an impossible task. The solution for the I came up with, was to use a grad filter in the large Lee Filters matte box…

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