24 Feb The Future

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I cant believe its over a month since I wrote my last blog post ! I had great intentions with YouTube and my blog but its not easy to be inspired to write or make YouTube videos when you are stuck in Groundhog Day.

I have had a good sort out over the last month of photography gear and also my images stored on my computer and tidied up my apps etc The good news is I guess ! I have kept the YouTube app and my editing apps so I must be thinking about video and photography again.

I have sold of a huge amount of camera gear on eBay and that has been very refreshing. However I did buy a Fujifilm XPro3. It was a toss up between a Leica ( my retirement gift to myself) or an XPro3. In the end after looking at the pros and cons I went with the XPro3. I still have the XPro2 and the X100F but both these cameras are my personal serial number cameras that Fujifilm made for me so I don’t like to use them to much. I kept quite a few Fujifilm Prime lenses so guess it was a no brainier to buy another Fuji. I do miss that full frame depth but

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